Oh hai. How lovely of you to come. You are most welcome. Pull up a seat, grab a large glass of red cup of tea and prepare to be impressed.

My name is Gemma and I am an ordinary human being. So you’re perhaps wondering why my blog is worth reading. Well, although I am indeed an ordinary human being I have experienced some things that I feel like writing about, maybe to get off my chest or just share my experiences. They include friendship, marriage, being a mother, being a working mother (OK I know there are already lots of amazing mum bloggers out there but surely you want to know MY birth story too, right?!) and – this is the big one – losing my beloved dad to suicide in 2014. Probably a defining moment in my life, there may be some focus on that in some of my blogging, so if you’re joining me for the ride it might be bumpy at times…

When I was little I had one of those diaries with the ridicuously flimsy padlocks so no one would know my Deep Dark Secrets (my dear dad definitely broke into it using brute force) and I suppose, for me, a blog is kind of like a diary, except I won’t be writing I HATE MY PARENTS or I’M SO IN LOVE WITH MY TEACHER or I CHEATED ON MY GERMAN VOCABULARY TEST because now I am the proud owner of more grown up problems. And I’ll be as honest as I can be without losing friends.

I hope visitors to this blog find something of interest. It may be dark at times, it may come with totally inappropriate jokes at totally inappropriate times (that’s how I deal with things) and it may just be an interesting read (hopefully).

Thanks for reading this far. Must fight the urge to finish with a smily face (also need to stop doing that on work emails).


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